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Creative Producer / Casting

Bicoastal filmmaker currently residing in Los Angeles

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Kristy M. Richman is a bi-coastal film producer. After graduating with her bachelor’s in 2012, she relocated from Southern New Jersey to New York City – working as a casting coordinator and freelance indie producer. Richman has collaborated with filmmakers from all over the world producing a mixture of episodic series, feature films, and short films. She specializes in genre stories as can be seen in her most recent productions: 

TableTalk, Hello World, It Cuts Deep, and Uncle Peckerhead

Richman holds the Arthur Krim Memorial Award for Excellence in Producing and a Masters of Fine Arts in Producing from the top-rated school: Columbia University School (2019).

Now residing in Los Angeles, Richman is currently writing a producer’s guide to ULB indie filmmaking and is in the progress of building her next series, The Daughter.

Richman is expanding her knowledge of psychology and social justice by obtaining her second Master's Degree at Antioch University (2022). She looks forward to implementing social justice and having a positive impact within the entertainment industry and film production.

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Currently in Los Angeles.

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